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Muffy's child is a cute little thing, but a bit of a trouble maker. He loves you a lot when he is a toddler, and is obsessed with the Cute Animals. You can pick him up and hold, play, love, or sing to him. Muffy frets about him constantly, always wanting to raise him to be neat and proper.How can the answer be improved? muffy's child harvest moon

That said, Muffy's outfit is ordinary enough that I don't know that I would immediately recognize it. A prop might help, but I'm not sure what. A wine glass wouldn't really make people think Harvest Moon , but a stuffed cow or something doesn't really suit Muffy. Maybe a blue feather? Oh,

Muffy's Son Toddler Child Teenager Family Muffy (Mother) Mark (Father) Appearances AWL, HMDS, MLS Muffy's Son is a possible son of the player if they marry Muffy in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Personality Muffy's son is the least likely to take over the farm after the main character dies For Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on the GameCube, Child Career Progress FAQ by Morrie.muffy's child harvest moon May 04, 2008 In harvest moon for ds how do i trigger muffys purple heart event? in this game i did not trigger the black heart event bc her heart went from original to purple not black and it is august already what do i do. Follow. 2 answers 2. Report Abuse. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer?

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Mar 16, 2004 For Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on the GameCube, a GameFAQs Answers question titled Muffy's son? . muffy's child harvest moon Jul 15, 2005  Celias child is the only normal one I know and I didnt marry her oh well Muffys child is lways energetic and excited or maybe hes just excited and namis child Jul 30, 2008 Harvest moon Ds Muffys second heart event (purple)? I have done the first heart event she made the drink and it worked! So, i tried to do muffys purple heart event and it didnt seem to work i, ve tried to do it on loads of ocassions i have made sure i was at the beach on a rainy day (not Wednesday) Between 9 am 11am and it just dosn't seem What is a quick way to get muffys heart up in harvest moon ds? You can not have a child with Kai in Harvest Moon DS. But I'm guessing you're talking about Harvest Moon DS Cute, and yes you can Sep 08, 2010 Harvest moon DS muffys heart events. ? Heyy, im playing harvest moon DS and i want my character to marry muffy, but i need to know all the steps to the heart events. please help, the one who gives a specific answer will get 5 stars and voted as best: )

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