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Read Japan x Child! Reader from the story Hetalia x Child! Reader by Urlandaf (Ellimac) with 11, 398 reads. japan, germany, aph. Requested by a friend of mine. (YRead GerIta x Child! Reader Good Ending from the story Hetalia x Child! Reader by Urlandaf (Ellimac) with 3, 201 reads. 2phetalia, reader, hetalia. # 2phetalia# aph# axispowershetalia# childreader# germany# hetalia# italy# japan# reader. GerIta x Child! Reader Good Ending 3. 2K 96 30. by Urlandaf. by Urlandaf Follow. Share. When your papa and hetalia papa japan x child reader

Life Child (2p F. A. C. E Hetalia x child! Reader) Chapter 1 Read Chapter 13 from the story Italy x Reader by aphitalians (Actual Luciano Vargas (A. Trash Canchan)) with Usuk Awesome Anime Me Me Me Anime Anime Guys Manga Anime Anime Art 2p England Hetalia England Hetalia Fanart

Papa! Japan X Little! Reader You cried bitterly in the rain. It was pouring and you had no place to go. You were a young girl whose mother and father had been taken away by the soldiers. As you neared the woods you had so often played in, you noticed a sweet smell you had never smelt before. Papa Canada x Child Reader. Shrieking slightly at the sudden noise, she sprang out of bed and ran through the halls toward her papa's room. Holding her bear tightly in one arm, she stood on her tip toes and opened the door. Peeking in she could make out her papa's form under the covers and Kumajiro at the end of the bed.hetalia papa japan x child reader Japan x Reader: God bless colds. Canada x Reader: Coffee and Hot cocoa. Iceland x Reader: An Icey winter Hetalia One shots Papa! Spain x Child! Reader: Cuidar de ti. This was something I wrote taking advantage of my Spanish xD and I LOVE to read about Hetalia characters as parents, they are so cute: 3 So here, have a pap Espaa: D

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PRIZE: Papa! Japan x Child! Reader At around 4 in the afternoon, Japan was walking home from one of the unproductive wold meetings that he attended anyway. On his way, he saw a little girl pop out of nowhere. He felt a strange feeling coming off her, as if she were not human. He usually sensed this with his fellow country representatives. hetalia papa japan x child reader Read 2p! Canada x Canada x Child! Reader from the story Hetalia x Child! Reader by Urlandaf (Ellimac) with 10, 313 reads. childreader, reader, axispowershetalia. Japan x Child! Reader Child! 2p! Japan x Reader 2p! Canada x Canada x Child! Reader AN your papa, James (2p! Canada), and your dad, Matthew (1p! Canada). It was June 29, and it was their AnimeManga Hetalia Axis Powers. FollowFav Female! France X Child! Reader X Papa! Canada. By: KitiKyoryu. A simple xreader that was requested on deviantart. . . Your Papa opened it to a women with dirty blond hair and purplish eyes, wearing a simple light purple sun dress. She greeted your Papa with one kiss to each cheek, smiling as Child! Hetalia x Child! Reader part 6 Child! Hetalia x Child! Reader: Its a small world after all Part 6 You hopped out of your mothers car, lunchbox in one hand and your bear Anna in the other. Today was the rehearsal of the play, which meant you had to kiss Matthew today. Reader POV Running was all that was on my mind right now. My dad had snapped finally and decided Well, today's as good as any other day to murder my wife and children! Not.

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