Use of fantasy in children's literature

2020-01-27 09:08

Dec 20, 2005  There is no evidence that fantasy is therapeutic or that children use fantastic literature to work out their problems or as an escape. The effectiveness of the great childrensMar 02, 2014 Partners. Fantasy is a genre that has much to offer young readers. One of the most compelling reasons for giving children fantasy is that it comments on social reality through indirections (metaphor, allegory, parable) and can therefore deal with complex moral questions in a more playful and exaggerated manner. use of fantasy in children's literature

May 15, 2014 Fantasy and fairytale in children's literature. In short, fantasy literature, and the fairy tale, are amorphous and ambiguous genres, whose boundaries are actually very difficult to set. What is certain, however, is that both fantasy and fairy tale literature have proved hugely popular with children. Indeed for many young readers, and critics, these genres are the core of children's literature.

Apr 23, 2007  The real purpose of fantasy. A friend who is a child psychologist was treating a boy who'd been abused by a relative. The child loved this person, and was confused and hurt by what had happened, so my friend wrote him a story about a fox cub that loved his use of fantasy in children's literature

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