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2020-02-17 13:42

May 23, 2017 Nerves are absolutely normal for any job interview, even when you have done lots of them they can still be a bit scary. Reducing that stress will give you the best chance of doing well in the interview. Being in the right frame of mind is the first step to reducing nerves. It's tempting to imagine messing something up and not getting the job.60 Second Interview: NSPCC counsellor. 1 Like. At school, Laura was constantly changing her mind about her career plans, but she always knew she wanted to work with children. In this week's interview, she shares her journey to become an NSPCC counsellor, and tells us about her amazing work helping to protect children from harm. Name: Laura Halliday. childline counsellor interview

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Counsellor (Former Employee) Manchester, Greater Manchester 30 April 2018. working for childline was rewarding and educating. very good experience to put on the CV for people who want to work with people. Childline are very accommodating. Aug 18, 2008 Interview Help for Childline? aarrgghh im scared, i have an interview in a few hours for a volunteer Child line phone Counsellor, anyone know what will be asked, its an hour and long interview and im scared ill mess it upchildline counsellor interview Feb 08, 2019 Volunteer Interview. It was an informal group interview where we were given scenarios to talk about and detail what we would do if we were in that situation and what advice we had to offer the young person. There were about 3 candidates including myself and 2 staff members in the room. The whole process lasted a couple of hours.

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Jul 01, 2012 I have an interview with childline to become a volunteer counsellor in a few days time. I was wondering what they would be asking. I have never had a interview before so i am quite nervous but i really want the job. childline counsellor interview 1 Childline Kenya Counselor interview questions and 1 interview reviews. Free interview details posted anonymously by Childline Kenya interview candidates. I am a volunteer counselor for Childline, and have been since earlier this year. Firstly, well done for passing the interview and application stage, this isn't as easy as people would think! Its such an amazing environment to work in and the satisfaction that your helping young people is amazing. Oct 19, 2018 Interview group interview was a positive experience, hard to sometimes make your voice heard, as its a volunteer role they really want you to succeed, great way to find out more about childline rate situations based on risk Answer Question

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