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2019-12-05 19:21

Apr 17, 2014  Fake Child Abduction in Washington State Park Sparks Uproar. News. 8: 11 AM PDT, April 17, 2014 Inside Edition. A terrifying moment was caught on camera of a masked man snatching a childApr 17, 2014 SEQUIM, Wash. Police are investigating possible charges against people who staged a fake kidnapping in a park, terrifying parents and children who thought it was real. Onlookers in the park fake child abduction washington

Apr 18, 2014  Fake Wash. kidnapper calls 911 to explain plan The men later returned, too, and explained the incident was recorded to create a video for social media on child abduction

Apr 18, 2014 Twin brothers, Jason and Jeremy Holden, say they staged the kidnapping last weekend to raise awareness about child abduction, according to local newspaper Peninsula Daily News. Apr 19, 2014 Fake child abduction at Washington playground infuriates parents Darwin filed because these idiots almost got themselves killed. Quote. When a masked man snatched a fouryearold boy perched on a bench at a Sequim, Wash. , playground before taking off in a minivan, frantic parents trailed the getaway vehicle only to learn it was a hoax. Thefake child abduction washington Police in Washington state are investigating a fake kidnapping of a child that terrified onlookers who thought it was real. The stunt sparked a backlash from parents around the country. The video

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