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THE KERIS COLLECTOR. 36K likes. The keris is an iconic cultural artifact unique only to the Malay Archipelago. It is a unique cultural treasure of the A man with an extraordinary reputation in Singapores Arts and Culture scene and also a collector of kerises (impressive collection by the way), rare antiquities and curios. On the subject of the keris, one of the memorable tutelage I personally received from him was on the aspect of kerispao keris collection Periodicals Archive Online is a major archive database that makes the backfiles of scholarly periodicals in the humanities and social sciences available electronically. PAO KERIS Collection contains the full backfiles of over 430 journals, digitized from volume 1, issue 1.

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PAOKERIS Collection PAO 110. 2011, KERIS ProQuest PAO 50 PAOKERIS Collection pao keris collection THE KERIS (or Kris) The Kris is a distinctive, asymmetrical dagger indigenous to Indonesia and the Malay World for at least 500 years. It is widely spread in the Archipelago, but has its origin in the island of Java. PAOKERIS Collection PAO 110. 2011, KERIS ProQuest PAO 50 PAOKERIS Collection. Pamor Titipan: After a Keris 90 finished it may be further decorated, for example, with gold leaf. Pamor ceblokan means encrusted goods. Localized Pattterns. Pamor on the SorSoran is a pattern that appears only at the base of the blade. Tip 'o the hat to A. G. Maisey and other members of the Ethnographic Arms& Armour Forum Batik Keris. 2015. All Rights Reserved. Batik Keris. 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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