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Jul 13, 2009 Trobriand Islander Serah Clark now organises a smaller Ugwabwena Yam festival on Kiriwina in an attempt to revive the islands' dying traditions. The Ugwabwena Festival last weekend drew 50 tourists from around the world to see famous local dances, singing and art and crafts. More pictures and stories to come.Trobriand Island is one of the seven groups of islands which make up the Milne Bay Province, situated at the extreme eastern end of Papua New Guinea. The Woodlark, Laughlan, Louisiade Archipelago, Conflict Group; Samarai Group and the DEntrecasteaux Group are the other six islands which make up the Island Province of Milne Bay. trobriand islands yam festival

Trobriand Islands A unique culture 21st December 2015. A 450km cluster of lowlying coral atolls off the eastern coast of Papua New Guinea (PNG), but literally a world away from anything youve ever known are the Trobriand Islands.

Trobriand Islands. They are part of the nation of Papua New Guinea and are in Milne Bay Province. Most of the population of 12, 000 indigenous inhabitants live on the main island of Kiriwina, which is also the location of the government station, Losuia. Other major islands in the group are Kaileuna, Vakuta Trobriand Island Yam Festival. Trobriand Islands. The Trobriand Islands (today officially known as the Kiriwina Islands) are a 170 mi archipelago of coral atolls off the eastern coast of New Guinea. They are situated in Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea.trobriand islands yam festival Rape in the Trobrian Islands Yam Festival. The Trobrian Islands are located off the eastern tip of Papua New Guinea and south of the Island of New Britain. The Yam Festival only happens once a year, in August, so be sure not to go there at that time or this cruel fate could befall you too!

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The annual yam festival and sex tourism. While living and working in PNG in the mid1990s it was common for expatriate AngloSaxon Australians to boast about their conquests and virility during the Trobriand Islands annual yam festival. These boasts extended to trobriand islands yam festival

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