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CELCFEI Educational and Child Care Philosophy. FEI and CELC provide quality child care in support of working families. The philosophy of our child care center provides a basis for the types of activities available for the children and the kind of care they will receive in our center.Oct 31, 2012 A child care philosophy is typically a written statement developed by a child care provider or educator regarding its organization's values, priorities, values and beliefs regarding a child's development, care, and education. Having a child care philosophy is important so that all who work together are unified with the same priorities. family child care philosophy

Philosophy. Providing quality child care really means creating a happy, enriched life experience for children while their parents work. We maintain a safe and healthy environment. We focus on our environment and daily schedule to ensure that structures are safe and the surfaces, toys, equipment and materials are clean.

As a parent and childcare provider, I know the anxiety that comes with leaving your child in someone's else's care and trusting them to provider the care you know your child deserves. As a Professional Childcare Provider, I feel communication is an inte Program Philosophy and Curriculum. We work to develop caring, respectful, and responsive relationships with children from infancy through preschool by partnering with families to support a childs growth and development. Respect for each childs individualized pattern and timing of growth, as well as individual personality, learning style, interests,family child care philosophy Our philosophy at Love& Learning Family Child Care is based on the belief tha. t children learn, grow and develop in a variety of ways and at different levels. Therefore, we seek to treat children as unique individuals; catering to each of their specific needs.

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