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2020-01-22 21:10

Case files may contain information of a personal nature, including demographic data such as family background, education, health, etc. Child Protection cases may only be viewed by the child, legal parents, attorneys, judges, judicial officers, social service agencies, and law enforcement agencies directly involved with the case, or otherwise by court order.Print Child protection orders. Note: If youre concerned about a childs safety, contact the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women. What is a child protection order. Child protection orders are different to family violence orders, as they are made by the Childrens Court when a child needs protection. court orders for child protection

Child protection orders are based on what is needed for a child to remain safe. The following orders can be made by the Childrens Court for the protection and permanent care of children. More information about any of the orders can be found on the Child Protection manual website.

During the period of the adjournment, child protection staff from the Department of Health& Human Services will talk further with the child and parents about the issues involved and will prepare a report for the court about what they think should happen. Protection Orders. The court may make a protection order in respect of a child if it finds Protection order (timelimited) Protection order (until 18) Protection order (special guardianship). What can interim protection orders be made about? While a case is at court, interim or temporary orders can be made about matters such as contact or where your child lives. What is a protection order (supervision)?court orders for child protection A child protection order is a type of court order issued by a judge to protect a child from instances of child abuse or from exposure to domestic violence. It is usually directed toward a parent of the child who had previously abused the child, the childs siblings, or the childs other parent.

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