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Aug 07, 2011 Step back in time and remember the TV shows of the 1960's. Remember the school summer holidays watching Robinson Crusoe, The Flashing Blade and White Horses ( All Dubbed ) For the complete video'sPages in category 1960s British children's television series The following 72 pages are in this category, out of 72 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (). 1960s children's tv

Nostalgia Central is an enormous online scrapbook providing a trip from the Rockin 50s via the Swinging 60s, the Mirrorballed 70s and the DayGlo 80s to the Grungefilled 90s.

Producers of children's TV in the 1960s were obliged to innovate within political and, especially, financial constraints. Television both BBC and ITV was still to make up its mind how entertaining or educational children's programming should be and what resources it should receive. ITV's early Jul 01, 2013  Did Bimbo the Birthday Clown ever read your name on TV? Did you keep your toys in a Tickle Trunk? If you grew up in Canada or a border city in the 1960s and 1970s, these TV1960s children's tv Apr 13, 2012 Phillip Schofield presents the best children's television of the 1960s. Phillip Schofield presents the best children's television of the 1960s. Skip navigation Sign in. Search.

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The following is a list of local children's television shows in the United States. These were locally produced commercial television programming intended for the child audience with unique hosts and themes. This type of programming began in the late 1940s and continued into the late 1970s; some shows continued into the 1990s. 1960s children's tv Children going to the movies in the 1960s had a variety of film fantasies to entertain them. Long before the age of video games, DVDs and Internet access, kids got out of the house and gathered with their popcorn and candy at weekend matinees to enjoy the latest in movie entertainment. I remember our first TV it had a tiny screen and all black& white. We were only allowed 1 hour before dinner, AFTER our homework; then we watched whatever our dad watched. A lot of westerns lol xo. See more ideas about Classic tv, Old tv shows and Souvenirs. T he groovy 1960's ushered in a new era of television programming as broadcasts began to transition from black and white to color during this time. Lighthearted sitcoms and comedies ruled the day as some of the mostwatched shows were series like The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Beverly Hillbillies and The Andy Griffith Show. Apr 09, 2015  (Image Link)The Sixties will always be known as an extremely exciting and interesting era, and with all the interesting and exciting things going on in the world kid's TV shows tried to keep things interesting as well. Some shows played on the world's obsession with space, others embraced psychedelia and rock music to keep things thoroughly mod, but above all kid's TV shows were

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