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Hertz offers a range of child safety seats that are suitable for babies and children at all of our rental car locations. Hertz voluntarily complies with any state law which requires a child seat for a rental, and if the seat is mandatory, the counter will advise you at time of rental. Child Seat OptionsGet a Free Child Seat in selected locations when you book your rental car through Car Booker. Going on holiday with your children is an adventure and when well planned, is really exciting and fun, thats why you should always have your rental car prebooked and also any extras that you may need including baby seats, infant seats or booster seats. free child seat rental car

That said, most airlines let you check one seat per child free. For parents who choose to bring seats on board (the Federal Aviation Administration recommends car seats for passengers under 40 pounds), a variety of detachable wheelboards let you wheel seats (kids and all) like roller bags.

One of the problems when traveling with children and renting a car is what to do about car seats. You can struggle with bringing the car seats on the plane. You can check them with the airlines and risk paying a baggage fee. Or you can rent a car seat from the rental car company Continue reading How to get a free car seat from Hertz Ask AutoSlash for a Quote on a Cheap Car Rental. Here are easy ways to avoid or minimize costly addon charges: How to Get a Free Car Seat in a Rental Car All the major rental companies offer child seats. It's a great source of revenue, since they can rent a 60 child seatfree child seat rental car Avis is the first car rental company to adopt the LATCH system as its standard for child safety seat installation. Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children initiative, a new standard for child restraints, is designed to reduce risks from improperly installed seats by standardizing connectors into anchors system for installing child safety seats.

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Consumer Reports child passenger safety technicians checked out the child seats available for rent at a couple of large rental car agencies and found the quality of inventory was drastically free child seat rental car Sep 20, 2018  While rental car companies have plenty of car seats on handinfant, toddler and boosterthey come at a steep cost. Happily, there are several ways to get a car seat for free if you plan ahead. Renting a Car Seat From a Rental Car Company If you rent a car seat from the rental car company, be prepared to pay through the nose. Free use of one child, infant or booster seat AAA Members receive the FREE use of one child, infant or booster seat with every rental, a savings of 13. 99 per day! In addition to the savings, additional benefits of this special offer are safety, security and convenience. If youre expecting little visitors or traveling with a child and dont want to lug the car seat through the airport, contact AAA. Members can borrow a child car seat for free. Child booster seats are featured in some locations but in limited quantities. Remember; you can inquire with your airline about bringing your personal child booster seat or child safety seat from home. It is the renter's responsibility to properly install and fasten a child safety or child booster seat.

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