Sims 3 child won't go to boarding school

2020-01-23 07:43

Child Won't Go to School. His sister goes to school perfectly fine but he just keeps running and running outside. It doesn't even grey out his name so I can command him to go to school and he just never goes. This just started happening so I'm going to keep playing and see if anything changes.So I enrolled my child Sim into boarding school and a pop up came saying the bus wold come for her the following day at 9am. . Next day came and went and no bus sims 3 child won't go to boarding school

Re: My Sims can't go to work or school. It say's that there are like 1 day and 1 hr left before time to go back to work or school but then as each day goes by nothing every changes. But when it gets to days off for my guy it changes to 3 days or something like that. This all happened when I got a popup that said that all my adults got

Aug 22, 2012 I have a child sim who won't leave for boarding school. When I click on her school tab, it shows her as enrolled, but the taxi never came to pick her up it's been about three days now. She can't go back to the community school, and her parents can't withdraw her using the computer. So she's just hanging out around the house. Mar 22, 2014 My Sims 3 teenager won't go to school? When my Sims was a child she went to a boarding school and nows she's a teenager she doesnt go any where, it wont let me even get her a job. Is there something wrong? please help! !sims 3 child won't go to boarding school The Sims 3 Generations brings Boarding Schools. You can now send your children off to a good education and a healthy environment. For a price, they'll be whisked away by the bus and taken off to school where they'll spend all their childhood on a normal length game.

Sims 3 child won't go to boarding school free

Jul 18, 2013 The Sims 3: My sims won't leave for boarding school? I put my sim in boarding school, and they were supposed to leave at 9 am, but nobody came to pick her up, but it still says that she's enrolled in boarding school. sims 3 child won't go to boarding school

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