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Legal age for children to left home alone in Ohio? There is no law relating to this in Ohio. The key is that the child must be safe, must feel safe and must be able to handle any emergencies.Oct 24, 2006  There is no set age where a child can be left alone in Ohio. Instead it depends on the mental and physical stability of the child and the ability to handle emergency situations. Be advised that a child gets in trouble while alone, the parent can be liable for negligence and have the child removed by ohio child left alone law

The National SAFEKIDS Campaign recommends that no child under the age of 12 be left at home alone, but individual states have laws and guidelines that require children to be of a certain age

Dec 27, 2006 The answer to this depends on the state you live in. Some consider the age that a child is old enough to be left at home might be a good indication a child can be left alone in a car for a short time. Each state has different laws on this. Some states have NO LAWS on this. Yes, NO LAWS on this. What is the right age to start leaving your child home alone? Parents struggle with this step in their children's development, and a few states even have laws setting age limits. A new chart triesohio child left alone law Age listed is the recommended minimum age a child may be left home alone in lieu of a legally specified age minimum. City of Albuquerque Ordinance states that children under the age of 11 may not be left home alone.

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Apr 19, 2009  In Ohio, what is the legal age a child can be left home alone, and also babysit in their home? Answered by a verified Lawyer We use cookies to ohio child left alone law Basically, there is not a law in Ohio about leaving a child alone. However, in the instance that something was to happen while the child or children were alone, then something would be done legally. Note that the child doesnt have to be physically alone; a child can be considered alone even if there are other children with the child. What Does the Law Say About Leaving Children Home Alone? Every child will be left home alone at some point. However, how young is too young? Unfortunately, the law is vague on this point. Instead of a specific age, most states laws weigh the childs maturity level, Whether for a few minutes or a few hours, all parents will face this dilemma: Is my child old enough to stay home alone? If you look to Ohio's state or local laws, you won't find a minimum age specified. Instead, the Ohio Revised Code says that parents are responsible for providing adequate and proper supervision and care for their children. So, the real question isn't so much one of age, but Aug 02, 2006 just now. You can leave a child home alone in Ohio at the age of 14 most states it's 13 but Ohio, I guess, didn't like the lower age. btw that's just the legal age. I think if you ask the people nearby to keep an eye on him, he should be fine but then I don't know your son.

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