How to obtain court order for child support

2020-01-23 04:49

Child support court orders are the method through which the court sets the terms of a child support situation, and the basis upon which an enforcement or collection action can be taken against a parent who has failed to meet his or her support obligations.Important. After you fill out and file the right forms, you will go to a court hearing. At the hearing, the judge decides about child support by making a Child Support Order. A Child Support Order says how much a parent must pay for child support. It says when to pay, how often, and for how long. The Child Support Order is in writing and signed by the judge. how to obtain court order for child support

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If the case is successful, the court will order the other parent to pay regularly to support your child. The court may also order the other parent to obtain health insurance for your child if it can be obtained through employment or any other health insurance organization at a reasonable cost. I got divorced in queens supreme court and the child support amount was dictated in that divorce decree and stipulation but the magistrate is asking for court order document for child support. I have put in a petition to modify child support collection through child support unit in queens familyhow to obtain court order for child support 1 Answers. A: To obtain a copy of a court order you should contact the Superior Court Clerk's office in the county in which the order was filed. You will need to provide the clerk's office with as much information as possible, including the names of both parties, the court order number, and the date the order

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