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Look, it's Ryan Gosling!Dec 24, 2015  15 kids shows you didnt know had ties to Canada. Go Go Gadget television set! This 1980s cartoon about a hapless police inspector with builtin robotic accessories was a huge canadian children's tv shows 1980s

Alan Thicke Show, The. Segments of the Alan Thicke Show were used in early 1981 to produce Prime Cuts and from to produce Fast Company. Prime Cuts consisted largely of excerpts of interviews previously seen on the daytime show. Fast Company contained fewer rerun segments and the shows were organized

Pages in category 1980s Canadian television series The following 136 pages are in this category, out of 136 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (). This category has the following 3 subcategories, out of 3 total. Canadian children's television series by genre (9 C)canadian children's tv shows 1980s Sep 02, 2010  The most telling aspect of Canadian scripted television, is that within the first 30 seconds of viewing, its Canadian origin is obvious.

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I keep watching the Circle Square clip. Dang, that bring back memories Those comments people put on it made me laugh. Looking back now, it does seem like a cheesy show, but when I watched it in the 80s, it was a fun show, and you didn't have to be religious to watch it canadian children's tv shows 1980s The TV Canadian Kids watched in the 80s& 90s I know that American Kids have a very special spot for Nickleodeon and the Disney Channel in their patriotic hearts, and I can totally see why. Clarissa Explains it All was a great show. May 21, 2017 Every generation has a slate of local kids TV shows that seem to transcend the medium, and not always in a good way. Nov 11, 2014  The 80 Best TV Shows of the 1980s. V Original Run: Creator: Kenneth Johnson Stars: Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Jane Badley, Michael Ironside, Robert Englund Network: NBC V in the 1980s is a great example of a concept that worked well as

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