How to cross examine a child witness

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CrossExamination of Child Witnesses STANLEY G. SCHNEIDER Schneider& McKinney, P. C. 2110 Lyric Center, 440 Louisiana Street, Houston, Texas, (713) During the past several years, we have experienced a great increase in the number of criminal prosecutions that depend on the testimony of child witnesses, children under the age of 18 years of age.May 01, 2009  Respect the Childs Psychology. Assure the child that telling the truth, no matter what the truth is, will not get them into trouble. If possible, meet with the child and allow them to have a parent or other secure attachment figure with them. Show them the courtroom or make how to cross examine a child witness

CrossExamination Goals and Techniques with Child Witnesses. A child witness, no differently from an adult witness, is not competent to testify unless he has personal knowledge of the events. If a child's testimony lacks support to show that it is based on personal knowledge, it is

CrossExamination The cross of the child, like any other witness, should have a beginning, a middle and a strong ending. Based on your investigation and preparation and defenses, an outline of your cross can include the following: 1. The crossexamination of children must be carefully handled by defense lawyers who may use alternative interview methods. Once the jury has granted permission to crossexamine the child witness, lawyers must then prepare him or her for this processhow to cross examine a child witness Articles The Child Witness: Techniques for Direct Examination, CrossExamination, and Impeachment JOHN E. B. MYERS CONTENTS I. DIRECT EXAMINATION. . 804 A. Direct Examination

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