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What was the 'OneChild Policy The onechild policy was a policy implemented by the Chinese government as a method of controlling the population, mandating that the vast majority of couples in the country could only have one child. This was intended to alleviate the social, economic and environmental problems associated with the country's rapidly growing population.This law is being opposed by many and this essay discusses the reasons for opposing the law. China one child law. When this law is imposed, it means that the number of old people compared to young will be high. This causes a big problem when it comes to labor. 1 child law

Oct 29, 2015 China has scrapped its onechild policy, allowing all couples to have two children for the first time since draconian family planning rules were introduced more than three decades ago.

Oct 30, 2015  China eased some restrictions in the onechild policy in 2013, allowing couples to have two children if one of the spouses was an only child. But many eligible couples declined to Jul 27, 2009  In 1979 they introduced a policy requiring couples from China's ethnic Han majority to have only one child (the law has largely exempted ethnic minorities). It has1 child law Let us take a look at the benefits and setbacks of this policy. List of Advantages of One Child Policy 1. Population Control. China is one of the most populous countries in the world, with its population over 1 billion. With making the One Child Policy a law that every Chinese family has to abide by and around 400 million births were prevented.

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OneChild Policy Is One Big Problem for China. But they are making an amendment to the law, allowing couples to have two children if either parent is an only child (formerly, the law permitted two children only if both parents were singletons). 1 child law Nov 13, 2015  China's decision to lift its onechild policy next year is expected to diversify the countrys aging, increasingly male population. But the degree to which the policy has affected the country of Jan 11, 2013 Parents play with their children at a kid's play area in a shopping mall in Beijing Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013. In China, a law generally limits urban families to having just one child. How can the answer be improved? Jan 31, 2018 Unintended Effects of the OneChild Law. The onechild rule has been estimated to have reduced population growth in the country of nearly 1. 4 billion ( estimated, 2017) by as much as 300 million people over its first 20 years. Whether the maletofemale ratio eases with the discontinuation of the onechild policy will come clear over time.

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